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Nausicaá, the National Sea Centre, in Boulogne-Sur-Mer in France, is an aquarium and a marine science centre visited by a million people mainly from France, Belgium, the Great Britain and the Netherlands every year. It enables visitors of all ages to discover marine environment through exhibitions, events, games and hands-on educational activities and to learn about the relationship between humankind and the sea. As an advocate of the Blue Society, Nausicaá offers a new perspective on solutions to current societal challenges based on responsible marine research and innovation.

Within this framework, Nausicaá coordinates and participates in collaborative projects in association with other aquariums, science centres, research institutes, universities, government agencies, and professional networks in France and abroad. These projects aim at raising awareness of the importance of the world ocean and educating the general public about how to better manage marine resources while protecting the marine environment and at creating a more responsible, ocean-wise and fairer society.

Nausicaá is responsible for promoting the activities and findings of the ValgOrize project in France. With its expertise in coordinating the Mr.Goodfish campaign on responsible seafood consumption, the National Sea Centre wants to take the lead in promoting responsible consumption of algae, a new and innovative product on the French market. To this end, special tasting events of seaweed and algae-based products have been planned for the general public and professional audiences throughout the duration of the ValgOrize project.