Dunaliella salina

drawing of dunaliella salina microscope image, green/orange oval

Green to orange

Found in salt marshes, this microalgae likes warm waters with high levels of salinity

Nutritional benefits:
Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (polyunsaturated, omega 3 and omega 6). Major source of carotenoids especially beta-carotenes and lutein.

Health benefits:
Prepares your skin and eyes before sun exposure. It is an anti-oxidant and slows down natural skin aging. Protects against various diseases including obesity, cardiovascular disorders, and eye problems. Seems to protect against COVID.

How to eat it:
Available in capsules or powder. Before the summer, it is recommended to make a cure of several months with a daily intake.

And... in smoothies?
As a practical example of a delicious way to use this microalgae species in your daily meals, we have adapted a lovely recipe for a Dunaliella smoothie from one that was shared with us from America.

Want to try it?

drawing of dunaliella salina microscope image, green/orange oval drawing of lab bottle with orange liquid drawing of red smoothie with whipped cream and banana