North Sea Farmers

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North Sea Farmers envisions multi-use sea farms to create the optimal synergy of nature, food and energy on the North Sea. It is committed to accelerate and strengthen the impact-driven seaweed industry. By building an inclusive community for powerful collaborations throughout the value-chain of seaweed it aims to stimulate open innovation and accelerate positive developments for everyone involved.

North Sea Farmers also initiated the North Sea Innovation Lab (NSIL). This is an offshore lab of 6 square kilometers, with 6 research plots, 12 kilometers from the coast of The Hague. It is accessible for members of its community to test and develop blue, seaweed related innovations.

Within the ValgOrize project North Sea Farmers leads the study on valorisation to support and accelerate the development of a technically and commercially viable seaweed supply chain for food applications. Safety, quality and acceptance of macro-algea as food is their main focus within the project. Its goal is to develop a roadmap towards sustainable production of algae for food applications. To achieve this, the existing market, the market potential and the key success factors of the algae food market will be studied and identified, and a feasibility report will be composed.