Event Technical Webinar on Valorisation of Seaweeds by EABA

screenshot slide seaweed applications

On 2 April, 2020, the Technical Webinar on Valorization of Seaweed was held at EABA.

Turnout was excellent, with approximately 50 participants throughout the day. The subject of cultivation stood out as an important part of valorizing seaweed in the EU. This approach comes with multiple challenges, according to Pi Nyvall Collen of Olmix (figure). JRC, SES and Royal Greenland stated the need for data collection, consumer acceptance and the development of business cases to support further business development and ultimately reach market potential.

Do you want to join the process of data collection? Via this link you can see algae aquaculture facilities all over Europe. You can also contact EMODnet to request that they display information about your facilities on their website.