Rhodomonas salina

Colour: red/brown

Flavour: High umami and seafood taste.

Found in marine brackish water, temperature 10-25°C.

Nutritional benefits:
Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and phycoerythrin.

Health benefits:
Anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, antioxidant, omega-3, DHA: coronary heart disease, aging-related degenerative diseases.

How to eat it:

... in mayonaise?

As a practical example of a delicious way to use this microalgae species in your daily meals, we have adapted a lovely recipe for a Rhodomonas veganaise that was created at ILVO.

At the moment, Rhodomonas salina is not a commercial microalgae. The ValgOrize project aims at moving the European market forward towards a wider microalgae consumption.

tubes with salina culture looking reddish brown small bottles with salina looking reddish brown


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