Valorisation of seaweed and algae for improved taste for the European consumer, with a focus on quality and a zero waste approach.

Saccharina latissima

Algal biomass will play a vital role in feeding the world by 2050. To enhance innovation in the algal sector, ValgOrize will create an open platform for sustainable production of flavoursome, high quality algal foods that meet the requirements of the European market. By researching how to produce algae that are attractive to the European consumer, ValgOrize hopes to convince and encourage food producers to incorporate algae in their production.

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General 30/12/2022

What gives algae their taste?

Refining the taste of the macroalgae analyzing D and L free amino acids
Everything we did in the ValgOrize project leads up to making way for a sustainable, economically stable and thriving algae food industry in Europe. How do we make consumers eat algae? Make them taste...